Eh, I don’t like when people be like “black girls watch out cause white girls getting booty these days” cause to a black girl’s ears it kinda sounds like “watch out because your only value is your fetishized body and once that’s gone you’ll truly be worthless”.

i’m just gonna leave this here.

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Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving)

The Matrix (1999) Written and Directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski


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Alfie Enoch is 13238744358465% more attractive the that white piece of trash why are y’all so afraid of a black kid taking the crown



What, exactly, are all the skeletons fighting about?

Did somebody assassinate Archduke Femurdinand?

When I read this I put my phone down, walked out of the room, then sat at my kitchen table reevaluating the life choices I’ve made that led me to this moment.

Michaela Pratt is literally my queen


has anyone else found frank to be super creepy from the beginning or nah?


literally how to get away with murder is a show where the protagonist is a quiet, boy-next-door POC, his lead mentor is the most complex, badass lady, also POC, and his fellow student is an equally hardworking, ambitious woman, also POC. Three main characters who are black. (Also you have Oliver, who is less relevant as of now but seems to have a growing character, and Rebecca, who is part-Chinese and the show kinda centers on her story it seems). 

yet everyone decides to love the manipulative, cheating, extremely problematic, offensive, pretty cis-male white gay guy who has sex with everyone to get his way and contributes somewhat minimally to the show apart from gratuitous sex scenes and looking attractive all the time. 

and I’m not completely saying Connor doesn’t have character. His character is complex and fascinating and I can see it growing already, especially in conjunction with Oliver, but everybody hates Michaela and demonizes her for being determined, ambitious, and hardworking, while they worship Connor like he’s some saint even though he uses manipulation and illegal tactics to fulfill HIS ambitions.

Because Michaela isn’t a hot white boy. She’s a strong, independent woman who has a goal she wants to achieve and won’t let things stand in her way, not even her fiancé. She’s also black. And people gonna hate that and pick the piece of garbage to fan over instead of her character or the other two pieces of gold that are Wes and Annaliese. Wes is literally the protagonist of the show, he is the underdog, the initially naive and slow one, yet he works his ass off to catch up and then continues to display his morality and humanity in trying to help Rebecca. (He’s also so attractive.) Annaliese is an extremely intelligent, successful black woman who is the bosslady and wonderful at her job, she is sexy, she is vulnerable at times, she is everything. 

But no. Everyone loves the garbage white boy because let’s face it, he’s pretty as hell and he isn’t black like the other three genuinely interesting characters. 


there needs to be more michaela pratt love

When Oliver smiles the entire world lights up.


He’s a walking ray of sunshine.